Context Reset

Yashraj Erande
2 min readNov 26, 2022


This is not a post about who is right.

This post is about an important management/ value creation tool.

Context management

In October this year there were many articles and tweets that published presumably the chat conversations between Elon Musk, Parag Agrawal, Jack Dorsey.

There is a point in the chat when Elon presumably asks a context changing question “What did you get done this week?”

This became a question of much debate…

Before this message, the twitter CEO is explaining that the prevailing context in the organisation is one of being distracted and not resilient etc…

Without passing any value judgment, I found Elon’s question superb in terms of completely changing the context. It focused on work that needs to be done instead of managing the environment.

Content > Context (eventually… not day to day)

Later in the article, Elon tells Jack (twitter founder) that the current CEO is trying to “please people who will not be happy no matter what he does”. Hence Elon suggested he takes the company private and restructures it.

Taking company private certainly changes the context structurally well beyond just the pointed question asked by Elon.

Made me wonder — how often do we as leaders and managers optimise for the context…and how powerful changing context itself is…but also so difficult and rare.

Reminds me — at some point we need to take charge of the context and focus on things that structurally + mathematically matter instead of focusing on things that seem pertinent in a given context (because the context itself may have lost its relevance to the cause).

ps: Views are personal.




Yashraj Erande

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